Happy Customer's Great Feedback!

Great Customer Feedback!

We at Gardiant are proud of what we’ve built in response to the need for state-of-the-art Case Management Software; it is especially exciting when we are affirmed by POSITIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK!  A recent comment from a mid-sized Vocational Rehabilitation firm in Washington State:

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“Our firm began using Gardiant Works in 2014.  Gardiant Works web-based nature was something of a “radical concept” at the beginning.  However, it’s clearly a perfect solution for our company, which is distributed and diverse, with locations in different places and with multiple needs.  Gardiant Works spreads its strong flexibility for adaptation to both large and small firms. Its Internet accessibility was also massively important to us, to be able to know that we could work a piece of software from wherever you are in the organization as long as you have an Internet connection.

Choosing the cloud-based model of hosting the software was a cost-effective solution for us, meaning we did not have to invest in expensive technical infrastructure or hiring an in-house I.T. staff just to get started. To have all of that heavy lifting done through this model, was just seen as an extremely helpful and attractive thing for our company.

As well, Gardiant Works availability wherever there is an Internet connection meant that staff could now do a better job of staying connected with their case load, no matter where they happened to be working on any given day.

‘Gardiant Works’ is SECURE and RELIABLE.

As well as keeping staff connected with their case loads, Gardiant Works has meant that client records are now also more secure. 

On the whole, I think the benefits were very clear to everybody from the get-go. We’d had some difficulties in the past with losing documents, slow processing, etc. Everyone could see that having this system would just get rid of all those difficulties in one fell swoop, basically. Which it has done.

The data in Gardiant Works is READILY and EASILY ACCESSIBLE for our reporting needs.

One of the driving forces behind our search for case management software in the first place was a need to be able to report to agency stakeholders on client outcomes and to have a secure, efficient software.  Gardiant Gardiant Works provides us with a platform to move towards a more outcome-focused intervention and Gardiant Works talks our language very well from our perspective. And it’s also giving us ideas about how we can evidence the work that we do more effectively. So having the data, having the ability to slice and dice it in different ways, has proved to be extremely valuable and extremely helpful.  Additionally, the software has also enabled “lots of efficiencies” at our firm, from cutting down on paper costs to saving time for employees. 

The scrape function which is able to integrate information from our referral sources and customers is by far one of the best features Gardiant Works has to offer.  Our counselors are able to have instant access to information and their productivity has increased, for some, over 20%.

Thank you for making an AMAZING product!

Leslie Weaver, Co-Owner of Disability Management and Consulting, Inc.


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