Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Gardiant Works

Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Gardiant Works

Most likely you have heard the buzz about Gardiant Works and have been curiously waiting to hear more about this new and improved software to run your vocational counseling practice. Here at Gardiant, we have been developing an awesome system, Gardiant Works, for over 2 years. We have developed this system with extensive feedback and input from vocational counselors like you.

Our first group of customers have been using the system for over a year and it’s time for us to share the love.

While there are tons of time-saving features that Gardiant Works provides, we feel that these top 3 reasons may be enough to highlight how Gardiant Works leaves the competition far behind.

Reason #3 – Tasks and Collaboration​

Gardiant Works was envisioned on the premise of super easy note taking, streamlined task management, teamwork and collaboration at its heart. When everyone is on the same page and admin tasks or other case steps don’t get lost in the barrage of emails, you don’t feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have a reason to sleep better, get to spend time with your family and gain the ability to do other things you love besides Vocational Counselling.

A clearly and well organized case plan with understanding of which tasks are due when, who they are assigned to, along with automated notifications of new documents and changes from Claim and Account Center makes you and your team look like super heroes. Accurate and seamless progress report creation, submission and tracking makes you love your work.

Reason #2 – Reliable, Secure and “Worry-free” Software

We feel that the vocational counseling business is hard enough. The software you use shouldn’t make it harder by losing documents and hours of work, losing track of deadline, or make you wait while you sync your email.

A modern software platform, like Gardiant Works, provides you a peace of mind anywhere, anytime. Your information is secure and thanks to a modern technology you can depend on, lost documents will just be nightmares from the past. There are no extensive downloads, no complicated installs or tedious data replication tasks to get in your way.

As our users describe it –  Gardiant Works. It just Works !!.

Reason #1 – Indispensable Customer Service

Even with an easy to use system like Gardiant Works, there are moments when customers want to reach out, ask a question, need help remembering how to use the newest feature or just want to say hello to Mandy (Our super awesome, always smiling customer success lead).

Our customers love the magic question mark inside Gardiant Works, a simple call for help feature built right into the system. We developed Gardiant Works with an eye towards support and measure everything from the time you click the question mark to the time we put a smile back on your face. The average time for 90% of our responses to the magic question mark is less than 2 hours with 99% of the issues addressed within 24 hours.

All things being equal, just the customer service we offer and receiving personalized cards and cheering up from our customer success team is worth giving Gardiant Works a try. We guarantee to win you over with a smile. (Its included free of charge, as part of the service we offer.)


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